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New To Melbourne! Upcoming (Free) events and sightseeing tours

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Hey Adventurers! :-)

[TODO: write 1-2 paragraph intro here. Generally focus on the things people can see on a trip or why we're different (like our low price / affordability) or the other like minded travellers / international students they can meet. See: NTM USPs]

Upcoming event & trip dates:
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NEW! trips - announced today!:
The trips marked NEW! have the cheapest tickets available. (as they have just been created). People on our email list (like yourself) are the first to get access to cheap tickets :-)

Avoid Eventbrite fees / pay in cash:
Eventbrite fees are usually $6-7 per person, you can avoid this fee (for a cheaper ticket price); it you can pay in cash at our language exchange. For more info, please see:

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Hope you can join us soon :-)

Cameron [TODO : ensure this is the correct name as the sending account. ]
Event Organiser at New To Melbourne