State Library of Victoria (SLV)

SLV (State Library of Victoria) front entrance


Amongst the library's various fixed displays and rotating roaster of different arts features, they have a famous item that, alone, is worth visiting (and learning about): Ned Kelly's armour.

However there's some more practical reasons you might find the SLV (State Library of Victoria) useful, such as: free (mostly stable) WiFi, free electricity / electrical outlets (for laptops or charging mobile phones) and a quiet (and beautiful) air conditioned place to work from. Great for studying or applying for jobs online.

[Highlight #1]: Ned Kelly's armour:

Ned Kellys armour is a big highlight of the State Library of Victoria and is a major part of Australian history. Even for people that don't have time for enjoying art, books or history, Ned Kelly's story is a facinating and controversial one.

Kellys armous used to be display in its work room alongside his Jerilderie letter; where he attempts to justify and explain his actions (including the murder of 3 police officers).

The display cabinet also features his rifle and boot.

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Ned Kelly's armour

[Highlight #2] The Dome (La Trobe Reading Room):

This is a favourite stop for photographers for either a portrait shot of someone or just to capture the room and it's stunning design.

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The Dome (La Trobe Reading Room)

[Highlight #3] Various work / study rooms:

SLV is one of the few places with (mostly) reliable, free WiFi, free powerpoints and a quiet work environment (plus the architecture is great). The only downside is that you can't take coffee, sodas or food into the library.

For working, studying or applying for jobs online it's perfect. It's also next door to Melbourne Central and Emporium - which is great for lunch time.

[Highlight #4] Play giant chess with strangers (or friends):

Or you can spectate a game. There's often a group of regular players down there (some that are quite competitive about the game).

[Highlight #5]: Sun bathing on the grass with a coffee and friends:

Enjoying the sun while talking to a friend/friends and enjoying a coffee in the front of the library is also great.

Melbourne also has some amazing musicians / buskers.

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State Library of Victoria (SLV) front entrance

Gelato or ice cream dessert (summer):
For hot days, San Churro (next to SLV) has ice cream desserts:

and there's a gelato shop in QV (called "7 Apples").


The closest station is Melbourne Central. And there are various trams that stop in front of the library.

map of the SLV
Location: Google Maps

Opening hours:

SLV is open from 10am to 6pm, seven days a week. It's also open many public holiday (but not all). For more information, see the SLV website here:
SLV opening hours