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By New To Melbourne! - Social Group

1 Day Snow Trip! [Mount Buller] - Super cheap!

from: $89.00 AUD per ticket
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Overview and Itinerary:
If there is not enough snow on the mountain for skiing / snowboarding then we will cancel the trip and refund customers. We regularly watch the Mount Buller snow reports for information on snowfall.
To get important information on snow conditions (ave. snowfall, number of lifts / slopes open etc), you can signup to our "Mount Buller Snow conditions" email list here:
=== HOW TO PURCHASE TICKETS or check remaining availability ===
Saturday - Sunday tickets (from $89) are here:
For Monday - Friday tickets ($129 each) are here:
(note: it takes about 10+ seconds to load this page sometimes.)

=== Overview: Mount Buller snow season bus trip ===
The Mount Buller snow field / resort is a must see if you're in Melbourne during winter! You can join the New To Melbourne group as we go up to the snow to go Skiing, Snowboarding, sightseeing in the snow and to make a snowman or two ;-)

We are travelling in a comfortable 57 seat coach (bus) with air-conditioning / heating. New To Melbourne provides the cheapest trips/transfers and events for international students, travellers and locals and our trip to Mount Buller is no different :D we also get a group discount on entrance to Mount Buller which is normally $49. (Entrance to Mount Buller is included in the ticket price.)

This is a 1 day bus transfer to Mount Buller (including return transfer). We will be organising a trip every weekend for the snow season! Join us for an unforgettable experience and a chance to take photos and videos that make your friends and family jealous.

There's plenty to do in the snow including: tobogganing, sleding, skiing, snowboarding, build snowmen/snow figures, sightseeing or have a snow fight with friends ;-)

► Return coach transport to (and from) Mount Buller
► Stop at snowboarding / ski equipment store (their staff can advise you on the day what you need)
► 10% discount on snowboarding/skiing equipment and clothes (exclusive to New To Melbourne!)
► Mount Buller resort Entry Fee (please note: lift pass not included)

(Important: this is normally $50 for those that drive themselves but is included in the ticket price for New To Melbourne customers).

- tickets do not include ski equipment.
- Snow equipment hire prices are: approx. $100 for snowboard / skiis (and poles), boots, pants, jacket and helmet.

Yes, you can bring your own equipment, there is room in the coach.

===== BUS DEPARTURE =====
Bus departs from: Old Melbourne Gaol (377 Russell St, Melbourne VIC 3000). Closest station is Melbourne Central Station (5 minutes walk away)
From Melbourne: 5.30am
From Mount Buller: 4.00pm (please plan to be back at the pickup location ontime to avoid missing the bus!)
Return to Melbourne: 9.00pm

===== Activities for families =====
Many families like to goto the taboggan park or arrange ski/snowboarding lessons for trheir kids. You can get a taboggan park pass at the equipment store we are visiting on the way. Just speak to the staff (at the equipment store) on the day.

===== Learn to Ski or Snowboard =====
If you don't know how to ski or snowboard, there are lessons that are available on the days that we visit. You can google and find these fairly quickly. Lessons are available for adults and children.

===== Early Start? =====
All pickups are an early start for Mount Buller - to ensure you get the most time on the slopes possible.

How to get to the meeting location (in the morning):
Transport options may be limited at this time in the morning, so:
- some people stay with a friend in the city, a hostel (overnight) or an AirBnb - then walk to the meeting location.
- plan your journey in advance to make sure you can get to the meeting point (comfortably) prior to 5.30am. If you have trouble with public transport to the Melbourne departure point.

===== IMPORTANT=====

Ticket Sellouts: Please note: if you are buying close to the event date, please expect that tickets may not be available as our buses almost always sellout. If tickets become available, we'll post to the event page that they're available. Unfortunately we cannot reserve tickets and we're unable to individually let people know when tickets come out - please keep an eye on the event page if you miss out.

Transfer service only: Unlike other New To Melbourne trips that are guided tours, this product is a Mount Buller return transfer service only (with included stops) and not a tour. As such, if you want to catch the coach back to Melbourne, you must be on time for the bus departure time. If you would like to stay at Mount Buller, please let the driver and tour guide know when you to the bus.

Safety & personal risk: Please be aware that this is a transfer service only and that customers snow board, ski and visit Mount Buller at their own risk. Snow boarding and skiing can be dangerous sports and there are particular risks with cold weather / snow and these sports that you are responsible for researching & preparing prior to visiting. Please approach the snow season with safety as your first priority.
Return time: if you are late to the bus, it will likely leave without you as the driver has limited hours they can legally be on the road (under TSV regulation) and must leave on time. At the end of the day (especially on weekends) there is often a lot of people coming down the mountain on the shuttle bus - causing lines and delays. Please plan accordingly so you do not miss your transfer back to Melbourne.
Ticket prices, dates & sellout:
As always with our ticketed events: get in early as later tickets become more expensive closer to the event/tour date. Please have your ticket printed or on your phone to display before boarding the bus. Please note: tickets (very) often sell out during busy seasons and puiblic holidays. Once tickets sell out, there are no further tickets released for that tour date/time. We suggest purchasing ahead of time to ensure you get the travel dates you want.
Meeting / departure location:
1 depature location available:
No alternative text provided.

1: Old Melbourne Gaol

377 Russell St, Melbourne VIC 3000
Other details:
* Our bus transfers are quite cheap, however we do not provide food or drink. We recommend that you bring some snacks with you for the day. You can also buy food and drinks at the stops during the trip.
* Make sure you wear APPROPRIATE CLOTHING AND SHOES for walking outdoors and in the snow. Ensure that you always have enough power on your mobile device to make emergency calls (if needed) and expect possible reception issues / no reception.
FAQ: "Can I pay cash at the bus stop - on the day?":
Generally no (but there's some exceptions). Most of our sightseeing trips sell out and in this case, there is would simply no remaining spare seats on coach. In these cases you will be unable to board.

Attendees should purchase a ticket ahead of time in order to board in the morning.
New To Melbourne (About):
New To Melbourne is a social group for travellers, backpackers, international students and locals. We organise affordable events and bus tours with a focus on having making new friends, having fun and a drink or two and seeing amazing places on a budget.

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Refund policy:
* Our bus transfers must leave on time to ensure that attendees arrive to their destination on time. Please ensure you arrive 15 minutes prior to the departure time. Traffic delays (road works, public transport issues) can result in you missing the bus. Please plan accordingly.
* No refunds will be given if you miss the bus, please ensure you allow time for travel delays getting to the meeting point.
* Refunds or date transfers made 14 days out from an event / tour date will incur a 50% cancellation fee. Refunds or date-transfers made 7 days out will incur a 100% cancellation fee.
* If you would like to request a refund (or date transfer), please submit your request via Eventbrite Eventbrite's Refund feature (do not use email). A quick google search will explain how you can do this.
* Transfer/resell of tickets to another person are not permitted.
* There is occassionally road delays due to things like traffic / road conditions etc. Delays or changes made to the itinerary in these cases are not subject to refunds/ reimbursements.
* Ticket dates can be transferred once, we cannot provide additional date transfers. Once tickets are transferred to another date (or person) they cannot be refunded.
* Breakdown refund policy: Please see the slide-deck below for information on our breakdowns and our refund policy:
Concessions & childrens passes:
Groups above 15 people, please contact us.

For children / concession prices: Our *standard ticket price* is for: children, concession and adults. We do not offer a seperate ticket type for concession or childrens as our standard ticket price is already well below other bus operators concession price (you can check this on Google). Due to the low price of our standard ticket, we cannot our prices cannot be discounted further.
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Private tours have the following advantages: Cheaper prices (often), custom itineraries, custom pickup location and more are possible through our private tour service.
We provide private tours for families, hen / bucks parties, birthdays, Christmas or Easter getaways, church / religious groups, sports / hobby groups etc. We provide all kinds of destinations and trip lengths like: 1 day trips, 2 day, 1 night trips or 3+ days to anywhere within Victoria and even interstate. See the slide-deck in the URL below for more information on our private group tours: