FREE Language exchange! Every Tuesday :-)

price: FREE entry
Booking method: No booking needed.
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Overview and Itinerary:
Important: Joint bar is closed for christmas on the 27th Dec. Only this date, then we return to our normal weekly tuesday language exchanges.
At The Joint Bar (35 Elizabeth St, Melbourne VIC 3000). Every Tuesday!

=== INTRO ===
Every week, over 250 people from 23+ countries meet at out language exchange to practice a new language and make new friends over a beer. The first thing you will notice when you goto our language exchaage is the great community atmosphere; people in our group are friendly and helpful and always welcoming of new group members.

Our language exchange is free and runs every Tuesday night, there's a cheap food & drink special menu, I'll put this up shortly.

Event cost: FREE! (Please remember to rsvp).

=== What is a language exchange ===
If you're new to this group, the language swap is where you can make new friends and pickup a new language over a drink! To understand how it works, it's best to come along one night - it's easier than explaining.

Arrive at 6pm for language practice while groups are still forming.

===== FORMAT =====
When you arrive, you receive a badge with your native language and the languages you would like to learn. Place them on your chest with your native language on the right and other languages you are learning on the left. Then go meet people and exchange languages!
What to bring: Pen and Paper and good vibes!
Age Group: 18+

We're looking for friendly volunteers who want to help out and welcome newcomers to the group. We provide free beer/drinks and food (pizza wedges etc) and a friendly team of other volunteers to hang out with. If it's your first time at the event, you're welcome to applt - our volunteers are often newcomers too 

To find out more about volunteering at our language exchange, please see the link below:

===== MENU =====
The management gave our group 10% off food and drinks if you show your language exchange badge when ordering :-)

Ticket prices, dates & sellout:
price: FREE entry
Booking method: No booking needed.
Event meeting location:
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1: The Joint Bar

35 Elizabeth St, Melbourne VIC 3000
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