Grampians - 1 day bus trip (super cheap!)

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Overview and Itinerary:
Kangaroos 🦘🦘, Waterfalls💦 and incredible mountain views! 🌄 The Grampians is a must visit if you’re in Melbourne, and you’re invited to join us!

● Planned 12 hour (1 day) bus trip
● Friendly Tour Guide (that will take photos throughout the day)
● Early lunch at Beaufort. Old town famous in the Gold Rush!
● See the beautiful, famous and historical McKenzie Falls
● Get a picture with a Kangaroo! They are very common in the Grampians National Park
● Visit the local town; Halls Gap - population 613
● Get a photo at Reed Lookout with a spectacular view out over Halls Gap & The Grampians.
● 1km walk (return) to the Balconies (the "jaws of death") for incredible views and photographs
● Breathtaking views of Boroka Lookout
Ticket prices, dates & sellout:
from: $74.00 AUD Book now (via: Eventbrite)
As always with our ticketed events: get in early as later tickets become more expensive closer to the event/tour date. Please have your ticket printed or on your phone to display before boarding the bus. Please note: tickets (very) often sell out during busy seasons and puiblic holidays. Once tickets sell out, there are no further tickets released for that tour date/time. We suggest purchasing ahead of time to ensure you get the travel dates you want and a cheaper price.
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Dec 2023:

Friday 22 Dec 9:00PM
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Friday 29 Dec 9:00PM
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Saturday 13 Jan 9:00PM
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Thursday 25 Jan 9:00PM
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Saturday 10 Feb 9:00PM
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1: Old Melbourne Gaol

377 Russell St, Melbourne VIC 3000
Finish location:
Old Melbourne Gaol
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Safety - important for The Grampians:
An important part of our Grampians trip is the safety component and education our guides provide to people while visiting with New To Melbourne! Unlike other destinations, the Grampians has specific safety issues that need to be respected. Sadly, a few unlucky visitors (from the public, but not on our tours) have underestimated in the past and paid dearly.
Our tour guides are trained in safety and safety education specifically for this trip. If you follow these simple safety instructions (e.g. do not jump the fences or step onto dangerous rock ledges), you will have a great experience.
If you intend on going to dangerous ledges (for photos or any other reason), do not attend our tour.
New To Melbourne (About):
New To Melbourne is a social group for travellers, backpackers, international students and locals. We organise affordable events and bus tours with a focus on having making new friends, having fun and a drink or two and seeing amazing places on a budget.

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Other details:
* Our bus trips are quite cheap, however we do not provide food or drink. We recommend that you bring some snacks with you for the day. You can also buy food and drinks at the stops during the trip.
* Make sure you wear APPROPRIATE CLOTHING AND SHOES for walking outdoors and a bottle of WATER. Sunscreen is also recommended, particularly during summer. During winter, bring warm clothes that would be suitable walking around for at least 15 minutes.
FAQ: "Can I pay cash at the bus stop - on the day?":
Generally no (but there's some exceptions). Most of our sightseeing trips sell out and in this case, there is would simply no remaining spare seats on coach. In these cases you will be unable to board.

Attendees should purchase a ticket ahead of time in order to board in the morning.
FAQ: "Is your trip suitable for me if I'm Travelling alone / solo?":
You might be wondering if the experience is suitable if you are travelling alone. The answer is yes; our sightseeing tours regularly have around 10 solo trallers per trip.

Our tours are a great way to meet new people and we also help facilitate solo travellers by providing an introduction individuals in the morning. Plus: if you make a new friend, they can help you take photos throughout the day :-)
Refund policy:
* Our tours must leave on time to ensure that attendees have enough time at each stop. Please ensure you arrive 15 minutes prior to the departure time (at least!). Traffic delays (road works, public transport issues) can result in you possibly missing the bus. Please plan accordingly.
* No refunds will be given if you miss the bus, please ensure you allow time for travel delays getting to the meeting point.
* Refunds or date transfers made 7 days out from an event / tour date will incur a 50% cancellation fee. Refunds or date-transfers made 4 days out will incur a 100% cancellation fee.
* If you would like to request a refund (or date transfer), please submit your request via Eventbrite Eventbrite's Refund feature (do not use email). A quick google search will explain how you can do this.
* Transfer/resell of tickets to another person are not permitted.
* There is occassionally road delays due to things like traffic / road conditions etc. Delays or changes made to the itinerary in these cases are not subject to refunds/ reimbursements.
* Ticket dates can be transferred once, we cannot provide additional date transfers. Once tickets are transferred to another date (or person) they cannot be refunded.
* Breakdown refund policy: Please see the slide-deck below for information on our breakdowns and our refund policy:
Concessions & childrens passes:
Groups above 15 people, please contact us.

For children / concession prices: Our *standard ticket price* is for: children, concession and adults. We do not offer a seperate ticket type for concession or childrens as our standard ticket price is already well below other bus operators concession price (you can check this on Google). Due to the low price of our standard ticket, we cannot our prices cannot be discounted further.
Private group tours:
If you have 15+ people in your group or are looking for a private tour / transfer. Please contact us.

Private tours have the following advantages: Cheaper prices (often), custom itineraries, custom pickup location and more are possible through our private tour service.
We provide private tours for families, hen / bucks parties, birthdays, Christmas or Easter getaways, church / religious groups, sports / hobby groups etc. We provide all kinds of destinations and trip lengths like: 1 day trips, 2 day, 1 night trips or 3+ days to anywhere within Victoria and even interstate. See the slide-deck in the URL below for more information on our private group tours: